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  • "Hi Mandi, I'm emailing you because it has come to my attention that one of the last orders received had a very delicious confectionery (photo attached). I'm praying to the warehouse gods that the next time I order from the wonderful cable-loc is it possible to continue the confectionery that is attached in this email. I feel like I have said enough. And I hope this email makes all your customers realise the importance of freighting confectionery with an order. It really does lift people's spirits.GOOD HUSTLE!! Many thanks"
    Ps: It's the little things in life that make me happy! :)

    Dan Jackson's Technical Services
  • Good day Terry, Just wanted to let you know that I received the last two orders with Voltex products, and already used them. I was impressed with the quality of the products, especially the industrial IP66 products which are fully compatible with Clipsal IP66 series. They fit easy in the existing products, practically they “drop in”, and the great thing, at only a fraction of the cost. What is impressing also, is the lifetime warranty, which speaks by itself for the quality and performance of the products. This new line of supply is enabling me to provide a more economical solution to my customers, which in turn generated a quite substantial increase in quotations acceptance and orders received. I am highly recommending Voltex products as one to one replacement to Clipsal products.
    Thank you for your help and support.

    Silviu Greenhill Director, Silviu Greenhill P/L, Electrical Consultant
  • Hi, Please find attached Remittance advice for INV-073*** for your reference. Thank you for the fast delivery of all items.!! Very happy with the products and will do business again indeed.

  • Hi Mandi, I will get on and pay the invoice tonight. Great service. Most impressed.

  • Hi Mandi, Great prices and fantastic service - your team has it all.