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Nimble. That simple.

A community-inspired* job management platform helping you spend more time on the tools and less time on the books.

*Developed with sparkies for sparkies.

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Nimble, because...

It's Simple

Simple by design, Nimble is easy to use. Too often, job management becomes overwhelming, with too many moving parts and features.

For Sparkies only

Being developed by and for electricians means you get all the features you need, and none of the ones you don't. You don't have hundreds of features that are irrelevant to your trade.

It's Free

Because Voltex believes you're entitled to have a job management process that will help you grow. And by helping you grow, Voltex achieves its own Mission. That's why its free.

Any Device

Android, iOS and Web platforms for speed in the field and the office. The device type you and your staff have can't stop you.

  • Download Nimble on Google Play
  • Download Nimble on Apple Store
  • Nimble on Web

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Happy Users!

Danica S.

Nimble's straightforward and simple layout makes the program great to use for any electrician. The flow from quote right through to invoice is great and easy to use. Would recommend to any electrician. Also integrates with Xero which is a plus for the accounting side and makes life easy.

Jeff R.

Nimble has been a great addition and welcome tool for the running of my business. As a small company with two employees this has helped streamline the paper and the way I communicate with workers without subscribing to an expensive programme to only use a few functions.


It's changed the way I operate now. I previously used the old diary, pen and paper, and now it's all on the Nimble app and working good! It's definitely changed everything I do!

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