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Add attachment to Job in Nimble
Add users and change permissions
Calculate labour rate in Nimble
Creating an instant quote in Nimble
How to use the time tracker in Nimble
Import customers from Accounting Software into Nimble
Instant invoice in Nimble
Jobs workflow in Nimble
Link accounting software to Nimble
Materials forwarding in Nimble
Pre-builds in Nimble
Schedule an event in Nimble
Showing price breakdowns in Nimble
Upload customers in Nimble
Upload materials to Nimble
Uploading Your Business Logo in Nimble

Easy startup checklist

  • Upload your logo to show on quote and invoice PDFs.
  • Calculate your labour rate by entering your overheads and billable hours
  • Give your staff access by adding Users and editing their permissions.
  • Integrate with your accounting software to mirror invoices from Nimble and import customers. Only Xero currently, but more integrations to come.
  • Set document prefixes for Job, Quote and Invoice (e.g. JB, QU, INV) and the next document number so you can continue on from previous numbering system.
  • Add your default notes and terms for quotes and invoices.
  • Import your own materials list or lists from your non-Voltex suppliers via CSV (Voltex materials are automatically synced), or manually create your own. Bulk update materials by uploading an updates CV. So long as the item codes are the same, it will only update, and not create duplicates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Nimble to other job management platforms?
So many systems are feature heavy, with way more than many electrical contractors need, meaning they're overwhelming to setup and use. Nimble has been designed to be clean and uncomplicated. And Nimble is free, exclusive to Voltex customers, unlike any other job management system.
I don't have a Voltex account, can I create a Nimble login?
Yes. By signing up on the Nimble platform, you are creating a Voltex account - the same credentials can be used to access Voltex and Nimble app/web. Just like Voltex you do need to be a licensed electrician to access Nimble.
Is there a web version?
Yes, Nimble is available on Android, iOS and web.
Do I have to share my login with my staff?
No, you can create users for them all, and edit permissions.
What does Nimble cost me?
Nothing, its free!
Do I have to use all the features?
No, you can use just one part of Nimble if you like, it's up to you!
My labour calculation seems too high/low! What's the go?
This typically happens when you have staff (higher overheads - wages, fuel etc) but haven't considered their billable hours. Or maybe one or more overheads have an extra or missing digit? Or you've entered monthly instead of yearly expenses? It pays to double check these figures, ensuring you've included everything, and update them at least every six months or when there's a significant change in the business (eg new employee).

Note that this labour calculator is just to be used as a guide and you can make your own decisions about what you want to charge per hour.

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