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Visually the same,
yet remarkably different

The exterior of our new classic double powerpoint looks identical to the previous design, so it can be mixed and matched into existing installations.

Improvements that make your life easier.

Clear sides for improved visibility when mounting into wall brackets.

Larger mounting holes to allow greater adjustment and to accommodate a wider range of screws.

New housing

Terminal housing has been made more compact so it will fit within 2x Ø40mm holesaw cutouts.

We’ve created a large lead-in into the terminals, clearly coloured for identification.

Screws have been wound out in production to save you time.

The terminal screws are now captive,
and are a combination
Philips / Square drive head. (PH2/SQ1)


Redesigned switching mechanism to be
more resiliant to switch mode power


Easier to pop

Mounting screws can be popped out with both squared head or Philips head screwdriver.