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Real warranties
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At Voltex, the Zero Risk policy guides everything.

Why does the Voltex warranty mean Zero Risk for you?

The 25 year warranty isn't just a number, it's a carefully calculated term that everything is based on, from design stage forward.

Because Voltex care about Australia's electrical contractors. And we care about your need to own a profitable business. That's why Voltex always contribute to your costs to go back under warranty, instead of sending someone else in to discuss your work with your customer.

We honour our warranty commitment to the installing contractor and if ever there's a product issue, the Voltex team acts on the principle that there must be Zero Risk to the contractor and his future business.

So when you get alerted to an issue by your customer, Voltex expect you to use your professional judgement on how to play it. We rely on that. If you consider it's best to replace it, then just give us a call and let’s sort it straight away.

It's a real warranty, and we aim to give you real support. It’s that easy.

The risk must all be ours. Always.

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