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Free Freight

At Voltex, the Zero Risk policy guides everything.

And how does getting free freight on all orders - and on all returns - remove more risk for you?

There's no hidden freight cost to absorb or allocate. You can cost jobs against product prices. You won't even have to allocate employee time for going to local outlets for that gear.

Also there are challenges in forward ordering and so on, and you can't always see how it's going to turn out!

You should not risk your own money bringing in supplies, because:

  • You may need to order a small top-up quantity to complete a job.
  • You may need to return an order, and paying freight complicates that big time.
  • You may need to get products in for evaluation, not sure if you'll use them.
  • You shouldn't have to 'up' your orders so you can avoid freight charges.

If anything like one of these situations arises, it's important that there's no risk that you'll be out of pocket. You may not need that order, down the track.

We're happy to take that risk for you!

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