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Trailing Edge Push Button and Rotary LED Dimmer Mechanism, Includes White and Black Knob, 300VA With ON/OFF

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DM 300S

One Flexible

The Voltex DM300S is a dedicated LED dimmer using Trailing Edge technology. It perfectly matches all Voltex dimmable downlights to achieve smooth, low range dimming, and suits all major brand wall plates.

Easy On/Off

If an external switch is used to switch lighting ON/OFF, the dimmer needs to power-up ON.
If the integrated push-button is used to switch lighting ON/OFF, the dimmer needs to power-up OFF.
The new dimmer allow you to click the push button 10 times to quickly change the dimmer from power up ON to power up OFF.

Glow in the Dark

The dimmer has a subtle backlight glow to make it easy to find at low light levels. If this is distracting for the user, click the push button 8 times to disable the backlight.

Your Choice

The DM300S comes with a black and a white knob, so you can easily adapt it to the circumstances.

7 Years Warranty
Product Code DM300S
Minimum Load 3W
Dimming Operation Trailing Edge
Operating Temperature -20°C to +65°C
Humidity <85%
Derating 300W (x2), 250W (x3)
Overload protection Manual reset (turn power off, then on)
Compatible Loads Voltex Dimmable LED*
Non Compatible Loads Iron core transformers, Non dimmable load, and motor loads
Product Approvals Full Australian and New Zealand Approvals

2-wire device, no neutral -this means the backlight LEDs will not operate when a separate switch is utilised or if there is no load ('Off' state current drain approx. 1.0 mA) 

If required, the default settings can be altered as shown in the table below.

*The dimmer is set to ’Power-up ON’ by default. This setting is required when the dimmer is used with an external switch. If the dimmer is set to ‘Power-up OFF’ the lights will not turn on when the external switch is turned back ON. If no external switch is used, the power-up state can be set to OFF.

When the dimmer is set to power-up ON, the lights will switch back ON at the same level they were switched OFF at. NOTE: To ensure reliable operation, when the lights are switched OFF at a low dimmed level (less than 20%), the lights will always switch back ON at 20%

DM300S Instruction Sheet
DM300S Product Data Sheet PDS230719

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